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Run of the Mill Shop just launched their SS11 stuff online, and it’s a really impressive showing. Cutaway collar private label shirting, an exquisitely executed Monitaly blazer…and, of course, the fine specimen you see here.

Behold the ROTM private label double monk strap shoes. Made in Italy, fully lined in calfskin, Rapid constructed, and graced with a rounded toe that I much prefer to the (overly) aggressive styling on many other iterations of the shoe.

These are gonna blow up. And with good reason. They’re just so damn good. Well done indeed to the ROTM boys.

They’re up for pre-order now. That will last for exactly one month (starting today), and delivery is expected in late April/early May.

Sizes run from 5-14D, and 5-11EE.

Price hits at $405. From what I can tell regarding the manufacture (and of course the style), it’s a steal. You’re simply not going to find a better value out there.

Get ’em while they’re hot.


(Images courtesy of ROTM Shop)


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After much anticipation, Run of the Mill Shop has finally opened it’s doors (in the proverbial sense, as it’s all online). ROTM is the product of three fellow men’s style bloggers: Lawrence of Sartorially Inclined,  Jeremy of Start With Typewriters, and Jon of Getting Beat Like You Stole Something. They decided to set up a venue to showcase some of their personal favorite gear, and that’s how this beast was born.

I’m pleased to say, they’ve come out swinging with a capsule collection of six exclusive pieces by Mark McNairy. Though they aren’t all 100% up my alley, they’re all damn fine items in their own right (just because I personally can’t pull off digi-camo cargos doesn’t mean there aren’t those out there who can rock them with panache). And fully half of the pieces–the three you see above–are spot on for my tastes. They’d also play perfectly together in a single outfit. That is pretty awesome.

And it’s also the inspiration for the debut installment of a new segment showcasing pieces that just beg to be worn together. We’ll see how often it actually happens (hopefully a lot), but that’s a question for later. For now, welcome to Outfitted: Run of the Mill Shop + Mark McNairy Edition.

In terms of my reasoning for this outfit, I just think it’s a great combination of old-school inspiration and modern execution. All the pieces are, at their core at least, classics: You’ve got an oxford, chinos, and longwings. But there are definitely some twists and turns along the way. And that’s what keeps it interesting.

Let’s start from the top.

The Red University Stripe Oxford ($135) is actually genuinely classic through and through. The ROTM/McNairy team just had the presence of mind to give it to us in a decent fit and Japanese cotton. Both a plus.

It’s also kind of an anchor piece for the entire look. Because it isn’t too far out, you’re able to get a bit more leeway on the pants and shoes without coming off garish or looking like you’re trying too hard.

And that leeway is a good thing, because the shirt allows the Navy 8 Pocket Cargo ($238) to pop instead of fighting with them for attention. The reason I dig the navy version so much and wouldn’t go for the aforementioned digital camo version of these pants is because I tend to feel that a piece should usually only push the envelope in one aspect. Lots of adornment or general construction-based detailing like, say, 8 freaking pockets? Probably want to go for a more subdued hue like navy.

But the digi camo is pretty much balls out on both fronts, and that’s too much for me. Now, this is just my own personal take on how I’d choose to dress myself. Some people can really rock the go-to-hell combo of eye-blistering print and intense construction. A fuck-ton of pockets on an otherwise classic navy chino is enough of a twist for for me though.

Aside from the way they work in terms of demand for attention, I think the proportions of the shirt and pants match well. Both seem pretty damn trim, and the shirt looks to have long enough tails that you could tuck it in to a low-rise pant (8″ in the front) without constantly having it slip out. Practicality!

On to the shoes: the Loden Green Suede Longwing ($350):

Yes, they’re green suede, which you’d think would be kind of nuts until you see them and realize it just happens to look really good and notice that this particular Loden Green pairs very well with the navy pants. The natural crepe sole is so neutral that it could work with just about anything. But here it lightens up the look of the shoe overall while giving them a sort of military-explorer feel (desert boots anyone?) to go with the cargos. The round hiking boot style laces keep the explorer-cum-style-junkie vibe going all the way to the end.

In terms of construction: it’s all gonna be top notch. The shirt and pants are both made in the USA, the shoes are bench made in England and feature a Goodyear welt, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about McNairy’s quality standards.

Get yourself over to the site to check out the other pieces (there are double monks) before they sell out. Which I’m pretty certain they’re all going to do.


(Images courtesy of Run of the Mill Shop)

Ed’s Note: I’m usually anti-cargo and much more for shortwings than longwings, so I’m especially impressed by how much I like these pieces. Well played indeed, ROTM and Mr. McNairy.

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