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A new batch of Quoddy just hit at Trés Bien. There’s ten styles on offer, and these four are my favorites of the bunch.

The standout? Gotta be that Maliseet oxford in brown Chromexcel with a crepe sole. Sure, it’s a little intense. But damn it looks good.

I’m also seriously digging the suede blucher options—especially that navy version with the brick sole. How you gonna argue with blue suede shoes?

Finding it hard to argue with cognac suede shoes, too. Now that I think about it.

And even though it’s a bit more understated than the other picks I’ve got here, the beefroll penny loafer in brown Chromexcel is a very well executed take on the style. The gum sole is a great touch.

So, yeah. Basically, I like these shoes.

It’s Trés Bien, so you know people are gonna move in quick and scoop stuff up. Get moving if any of these strike your fancy, and hit up the Quoddy brand section to see the full lineup of styles.


(Images courtesy of Trés Bien)


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Leffot’s special make up of Quoddy’s Maliseet Oxford is yet another well done piece in a very solid run of custom editions that the NY store has comissioned from the Maine-based shoemakers. This post may be coming hot on the heels of a separate footwear freakout, but believe me when I say this piece is well deserving of some attention.

Done in a very autumn-friendly British Tan and made from Horween Chromexcel leather, it’s a damn fine option to keep the moc love rolling now that we’ve hit September. That honey camp sole is a great color, giving the shoe a tonal vibe without veering into monochromatic territory.



True to the Quoddy pedigree, it’s all handmade using traditional methods in the ME shop and built to last for ages. As I’m sure you’re well aware, that sort of painstaking construction comes at a premium. These guys will run you $250, but it’s worth it.

Also, be warned: they’ll stretch. Size down accordingly.


(Images courtesy of Leffot)

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While visiting Boston for the weekend recently, I was lucky enough to get a chance to stop by Stel’s for a bit.

The folks there were very welcoming, the 50% off sale was going strong, and though I didn’t pick anyting up, it wasn’t for lack of options.

Though everything looked pretty damn good to me, I was warned that it (apparently) a bit of a mess due to the sale. If what I saw is Stel’s version of a mess, then you could probably eat off the damn floor when there isn’t a sale going. Nevertheless, if they felt the need to give me the heads up, it’s only right that I pass that info along here.

Now that the formalities are out of the way, let’s get to some shots:

The view from the front to the back of the store…

From the middle of the store, looking at the front door…

And from the very back…

The front table was a stash of brand new arrivals from Quoddy, Grenson, and Gitman. The hatrack to the right is stocked with Billykirk…

Billykirk belts…

And bike bags. In navy…

And in natural…

Just in case you were curious about the pocket configuration: 1 side, 2 front, 1 main compartment with zippered inner pocket…


Grenson shoes…

Along with n.d.c. and Spring Court for good measure…

The Grenson Archie. If they’d had this in my size, I would have picked it up in a heartbeat…

The jeans table in the back of the shop. Lots of Nom de Guerre and Wing + Horns…

The APC stash…

Outerwear. Lots of Robert Geller and Wing + Horns…

I’m glad I got to see Stel’s in person. It’s a spot I definitely would not mind having in my own back yard. But alas…

Boston folk: take heed and hit it up. Visitors: likewise. Non-resident, non-visitors (myself included, now): head over to the online shop.


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I stopped by Leffot in the West Village a couple of weeks ago to pick up a pair of shoes and just generally check things out. The shop is open, calm, and full of really nice shoes. It’s definitely worth a visit if you’re able.

Steven Taffel was there overseeing things and was enormously gracious despite my arriving only 15 or so minutes before closing time, and then agonizing between two different options for much longer than reasonable. He was also kind enough to let me waste even more time by taking the pictures here.

The shop is designed around the concept of a dining room, and the massive central table houses the majority of the (very well curated) stock…

The in-house line…


Another look at the spread…

Forgive the poor focus on this shot. I snapped it on my phone because my camera died, but I had to have a shot of the huge piece of Horween Chromexcel leather near the front door…

The shoes I wound up getting for myself were Quoddy canoe mocs in navy Chromexcel with a red brick camp sole. It’s not a standard offering, but since Quoddy can do pretty much anything you can dream up as a special order, Leffot had them made up for the shop.

I’ll do a proper post on those in the near future. For now, take a look at how good Steven’s pair looks after some wear:

If you’re in NYC, get yourself to Leffot. The shoes are top notch and the people are friendly as hell. If you’re not in NYC, hit up the website and be sure to add it to your list of places to visit next time around.


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The Quoddy boat shoe and deck chukka here are both hand-made in Maine and done up in water resistant Chromexcel leather from Horween. They’re also lined in glove leather, and the white deck sole is stitched on and replaceable so you can keep on wearing ’em for ages.

For an added bonus, they’re currently on sale at Tres Bien Shop.

The boat shoe is down from €190.00 to €132. For folks outside the EU there’s that additional 20% off (no value added tax for us), which equates to €105.60, or a meager $134 US. They usually run about $225, so that’s a pretty respectable markdown (even accounting for the unfavorable exchange rate).

The deck chukka is down from €222 to €153. Apply the same math for the price for statesiders and you’re looking at about $155 (vs. the usual $275). Not bad.

If you’re in the market for something from Quoddy, it seems that now’s the time to pull the trigger.

I’m sure they’re going fast, so get over to Tres Bien quick if you want ’em.


(Images courtesy of Tres Bien Shop)

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Quoddy‘s deck boot is truly a thing of beauty. Horween Chromexcel upppers, deerskin tongue, glove leather lining, and a camp sole. All put together by hand in the great northern expanses of Maine. Pretty much the top of the line if you’re in the market for nautically inspired footwear.

If you need some practical justification to get a pair for yourself, it shouldn’t be too tough to find. The Chromexcel leather is water resistant and the camp soles are super grippy, so they’re very well suited to foul weather excursions. Another bonus: the glove leather lining is gonna keep your feet nice and warm on colder days. Since Fall’s right around the corner, it’s something that could prove handy pretty soon.

More shots:

Blackbird just restocked, so jump on it now before they (inevitably) sell out. It’s gonna run you $280. Keeping in mind it’s US, hand-sewn goodness, that ain’t half bad.


(Images courtesy of Blackbird)

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