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At Bread & Butter Berlin…

Pride & Dignity is a new German brand making some damn fine looking outerwear in the heritage vein of things. Inspired by iconic pieces culled from military, aviation, and outdoor history, their jackets and vests mix traditional inspiration with modern updates. Something I always appreciate.

Amongst those modern updates: Amenities like cotton-lined handwarmer pockets on the A2, and a removable sheepskin collar on a G1 (so the jacket can get some use in the early Fall and late Spring). And Lampo zippers. Despite my affection for the likes of Talon, I’ve got to admit that I dig the smooth feel you get with the polished teeth on the more modern iterations.

Looks like they’ve slimmed down the fits, as well. Also quite welcome in my book.

The updated A2, made from vegetable tanned Italian horsehide. The pockets are slightly larger and higher than the mil-spec version, and then there’s those crucial handwarmers…

The family behind the label has been in the garment business for three generations, but the Pride & Dignity brand itself is a new thing. It debuted with a very limited run last Fall, but this Spring marks the big, 100%-for-real launch.

And a solid one it is. They’ve got a full run of outerwear options ranging from the already-discussed military leathers to parkas, pea coats, and even a puffer vest. They also partnered with Field Notes for the Spring collection–every garment comes with a notebook attached to a lanyard with a hook closure. It’s an interesting–and probably very useful–bonus.

Another shot of the A2. Lined in Italian moleskin with sateen sleeves. You can see the hook where the Field Notes notebook would attach

The G1, with a removable sheepskin collar and done up in washed and wax ironed cow nappa…

Another look, from Bread & Butter Berlin…

Lampo zippers…

The label on the G1. Check out the button–real horn with a laser-etched anchor image…

From B&B…

Some more styles:

Pride & Dignity is currently sold in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, Italy, and France. I’m hoping they cross the pond sometime soon, and I’m excited to see what they come up with next.


(Images courtesy of Pride & Dignity)

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