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If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you already know that I’ve been on something of a blazer kick recently. And if not? Well, I’ve been on something of a blazer kick recently. And it’s still going.

This guy from Wings + Horns looks like a pretty fantastic option for spring/summer. Linen is one of the best fabrics you can rock when the mercury starts creeping into the upper register, and the minimal structure of the piece means less fabric, less bulk, and more breeze. For me, comfort is king in in the warmer months (I’m a miserable fuck when I’m overheated), so the components and construction here are absolutely crucial.

The styling is on point, too. I’m digging the welted, slanted chest pockets and the eight-button cuff. Neither are particularly functional, and both veer clear off the “classic” track, but in what’s shaping up to be the season of “All-Italian-Everything,” it’s a good way to set oneself off a little bit.

And yes: It’s pretty short. But I don’t advocate going anywhere near formal with this, so it’s not a problem in my book. Top it off with a darker khaki hue that’s as well suited to a rugged vibe as it is to a tailored one, and you’re good to go.

Available now at Need Supply for $390. Not cheap, but considering the type of piece and the maker, I was actually a little surprised the price tag didn’t come in even higher.

A steal? I’ll leave that to you. But if you want it, best move quick. These things never last long before folks scoop ’em up for their own (possibly nefarious?) purposes.


(Images courtesy of Need Supply)


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Earnest – $92 – Available mid-March

100% Italian Linen, made in NY


Briggs – $82 – Available mid-March

100% Cotton, made in NY


(Images courtesy of Pierrepont Hicks)

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If I happened to be on my way to an afternoon party at a rich acquaintance’s house, and intended to drink massive amounts of booze at said affair, I’d wear this outfit.

It’s all so damn sharp that people would probably just assume that I must be a respectable gentleman, and forgive the fact that I just spilled the majority of my drink on them while over-gesticulating during a story. Call it social insurance for the midday drunk.

A handy bonus: it’s all available in one place. Just head on over to Epaulet, and you too can kit yourself out to protect against the glares of fellow revelers.

A list of the necessary ingredients:

1) Epaulet Light Blue Gingham Linen Shirt ($130)

2) Mark McNairy Navy Madras Bowtie ($52)

3) Epaulet Walt Slim Trousers in Indigo Dyed Linen ($185)

4) Tanner Standard Leather Belt in Natural/Nickel ($70)

5) Alden for Epaulet West Egg Snuff Suede Longwing ($450)

Combine ingredients on your person, add Hendrick’s and tonic (garnish with cucumber slice), mix thoroughly, and serve.


(Images courtesy of Epaulet)

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