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The way I see it, a silk knit tie is downright essential. Not in the same sense as food, shelter, or decent bourbon, of course. But in that it’s one of the easiest ways to elevate a casual tailored look without veering too far into dressed-up territory? Yep. Essential.

And if it’s about three inches wide — allowing for an appropriately hefty knot with a healthy dimple below it — well, all the better. Which is why I was damn pleased to hear that The Knottery was coming out with a line of ’em when the news dropped a while back. Ditto that sentiment when Jay let me know he was going to be sending a few my way if I’d like. (Obviously, I was quick with a “yes” on that.)

I got one in brown, one in navy, and one in burgundy, and I’ve been working them into the rotation recently. After a bit of a road test, I’m happy to report that my initial excitement was well-founded. These things are bang-on. In fact, even at twice their modest $25 price, they’d be a steal. The fabric is nice and substantial, the construction is solid, and, like I said, the proportions are pretty much ideal in my book. Oh, and they’ve got about a fuckton (ed’s note: that’s a real measurement) of colors on offer — from blaze orange to blogger blue to my more muted hues. So whatever your inclination, they’ve probably got what you’re looking for.

Head over to The Knottery to take a look at the full collection of ties and myriad other goodies for the style-inclined, and check out the rest of the photos below.



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