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What do you get when a dirty buck gets down and…well, dirty with a pair of Indy boots? This stupid-good-looking make up that recently hit the shelves at Leffot.

Price hits at $475. And yes: It’s worth it.

Holy hell, I want these.


(Images courtesy of Leffot)


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Alden for Epaulet – ‘Black and Tan’ Indy Boots

Alden for Blackbird – Black Chromexcel Indy Boots

I’m kind of apeshit for the Alden Indy Boot in general. I don’t own a pair yet, as it’s a pretty solid investment to drop over $400 on a pair of casual boots, but why lie? It’s gonna happen. And probably sooner than later.

To give a very brief account of the boot in general: The Alden Indy Boot premiered in the late 1930s as the “High Work Shoe.” It earned its current moniker after Harrsion Ford wore the boot throughout the Indiana Jones movies. Features a Goodyear welt, moc-toe construction, and an oil resistant neoprene outsole with a steel shank for support. It’s also absurdly comfortable, thanks to Alden’s famous Tru-Balance last.

I’m still torn on whether the final decision will be for brown or black, but if it’s black, it’ll be one of these two shop-exclusive versions: the Alden for Epaulet ‘Black and Tan’ Indy Boot, or the Alden for Blackbird Black Chromexcel Indy Boot.

Epaulet’s ‘Black and Tan’ version features Pegasus leather – a thick, matte cowhide from the venerable Horween tannery. It’s also got a medium-brown midsole, so the color scheme really does match the ‘Black and Tan’ name. This one also gets points for being so similar in title to this blog (of course!). My favorite feature, though, is the self-colored stitching on the moc-toe. Despite my affection for the classic contrast stitching, I’m digging the clean lines created by going monochrome on the upper.

A few more shots:

Blackbird’s exclusive Black Chromexcel version of the Indy Boot features the Horween’s famous Chromexcel waxed calf leather on the upper. Chromexcel leather is tough as hell, and it’s going to last for ages, just like the boot itself. The outsole is black, to match the upper. Other than the shift to black, this one keeps pretty true to the classic version with contrast stitching on the toe and a tan midsole.

More shots:

Click over to Epaulet to get the ‘Black and Tan’ Indy for $450, and hit up Blackbird for the Black Chromexcel version for $435. Either way, you’ll be getting a great pair of shoes that you’ll love for many years to come.


(Images courtesy of Epaulet and Blackbird)

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