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After far too long, I’ve finally got some decent shots of the Billykirk bag I scored on Gilt for you to take a look at.

All in all, I’m damn happy with it. The leather is top notch and the construction is definitely solid. And though it’s not a very large bag from the looks of it, the box pleating makes for a surprising capacity.

I might be even happier with a couple of extra interior pockets just to ease organization of my (probably unnecessarily large) load of day to day stuff, but I also realize that it’s designed as a military-inspired satchel and it’s definitely spot on in that aim. In fact, it might even help me pare down my list of crap I carry. So it’s likely a blessing that there’s only the one main pocket and one interior zipper pocket.

I know I already mentioned it, but I honestly cannot stress enough how wonderful the leather is on this bag. It’s soft, sturdy, and even with minimal wear, I can tell it will take on a fantastic patina over the years. And given the substantial feel of it, I have no doubt this bag will last for quite a long time. I’m really looking forward to seeing how it develops as it ages, and I’ll do my very best to document that journey.

I figure I’ll bypass any detailed descriptions of the construction/design, as you’re about to see it all for yourself anyway. So now, I’ll quit prattling on and get on to the damn photos already:

There you have it, kids. Hope you dig.



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Just grabbed this leather Billykirk shell/work-style messenger bag from Gilt. I have no idea if it was ever actually on the general market (I’d never seen it before the Gilt sale), but I don’t really mind either way. I trust the Billykirk folks to put out a solid product, and I’m looking forward to receiving mine.

I’ll post up actual photos and my thoughts on the piece when it arrives. For now, consider this a preview.

Another shot:

Here’s hoping it holds up in person.

That’s all, kids (quick one today).


(Images courtesy of Gilt Man)

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