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Despite having acquired a number of bracelets, watchbands, and other pieces of wrist-ular ephemera over the last few years, I never moved far past my “NATO and those beads I got at Capsule that one time” phase. Nothing much behind it; just never found anything that stuck. Well, luckily enough, round 2 of the Sartorial et Al. worked out pretty well for me. Shawn from Form Function Form hooked me up with a couple of expertly executed, hand crafted pieces that I can safely say I’ll keep in rotation for a good long while.

First up, the bow shackle bracelet. Mine is made from Horween’s natural Essex veggie tanned leather, and finished off with royal blue cord, but you can also go for natural Chromexcel, plus a ton of other cord colors. As for the closure, well, that one’s pretty self-explanatory. (It’s a bow shackle.) It’s drawn its fair share of comments in the last few weeks—with good reason.

And part two? A shell cordovan watchband. “Oh, but that’s been done before,” you declare. Well, not exactly. Cut exactly to size and finished with a one-hole button stud closure, it’s a refreshingly understated take on the style. It’s also fucking awesome. Seriously. I want a backup, just in case some wristwear-obsessed criminal manages to abscond with it at some undetermined point in the future. Or, you know, just to have another color option (the current one’s natural).

Take a leap over to the site to see Form Function Form’s other styles, and hit up A Headlong Dive to check the rest of the coverage by the other guys from the Sartorial et Al. A massive thanks to Jeremiah for putting this all together, and to Shawn for supplying such fine product to work with.



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