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I wonder, can I pull these off? They’ve been eating my brain recently, so it’s getting more and more likely that I’ll at least give it a shot.

Key details:

  • US Made (in LA)
  • Double-faced mil-spec digicam (“Woodlands” mix on the exterior, “Desert” inside)
  • 50% cotton, 50% nylon
  • Slim-straight fit
  • Taped seams and hickory stripe pocket bags
  • Crispy, crispy steez

More shots (for educational purposes):

Camo is generally not my thing at all, but these have bored a solid path into my mind and really latched on. They hit at $145; available exclusively at Epaulet.

They’re definitely a great piece in their own right, I’m just wondering how I could work ’em into my wardrobe. Thoughts, anyone?

UPDATE: I went for it. I’ll try to get up a few fit pictures and ideas for how to wear ’em in another post. In the meantime, check this out.


(Images courtesy of Epaulet)


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