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Some more eye candy for today. This time, it’s a few selections from Wisconsin’s Kenton Sorenson. He hand crafts a line of leather goods, and they’re damn good looking.

Many of the pieces are done in natural leather, so they darken to a rich golden brown over time. In a few shots, you can see the before/after to get a better idea of how the leather will develop as it ages.

On to the photos!

Click on over to Context to see more of his offerings and pick something up for yourself. The belt holes are all hand punched to your size when you order, which is pretty cool.


(Images courtesy of Context, which you can probably tell from the watermarks on a couple of ’em)


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Here’s one for all of you out there that do the whole “delayed gratification” thing well: The Alden x Context Roy Boot.

Available now for pre-order, these guys won’t drop in the real world until October. Kinda goes without saying that you can only get them through the Madison, WI shop, but just in case: Available exclusively at Context.

Though the overall silhouette is damn good looking (without question), the real beauty of these boots lies in the materials and the construction.

The Roy is made of Horween‘s Chromexcel leather. It’s sturdy as hell and has a rich, deep brown color. As it ages, the leather will soften, and the original coloring will give way to burgundy and tan undertones (check out this post — which I’ve actually referenced before because it’s fantastic — to learn more).

Then there’s the sole: Plantation crepe and attached with a Goodyear welt, it’s supported with a triple ridged steel shank for a solid combination of comfort, durability, and stability (and replace-ability, once you finally wear it down, which I hear takes ages). There’s also a leather toe patch, which looks really nice, though I’ll admit I don’t fully understand its function. The insole is full vegetable-tanned leather, which is flexible and breathable and will eventually conform to the wearer’s foot. Another point for comfort!

Top it all off with flat, waxed leather laces and an eye hook lacing system for good measure, put it together to Alden’s exacting standards, and you’re good to go.

A few more shots for your viewing pleasure:

Available for pre-order now at Context for $445, the Roy is definitely in the “investment  piece” space.  You have to pay in full for the pre-order, but that’s because it’s a very limited release that’s sure to generate a lot more demand than there is supply. Don’t sleep!


(Images courtesy of Context)

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I was out in the city last night, and my neck was freaking freezing for most of the time. I’d opted not to wear my usual go-to scarf, a cashmere blend, because it’s just a bit too warm for the full on wool treatment. And as it turns out, I didn’t really have anything lighter weight and better suited to early spring.  Which is why I want to get myself one of these, and why you should consider it as well: The Hill-Side Selvage Chambray Scarf.

Here it is in Plum Violet (aka: red)

The details on this guy? It’s 5 oz. selvage chambray, one wash, and 100% cotton. The chambray is sourced from Kojima, Japan, and everyone pretty much seems to agree that it’s the best you can get your hands on (check the writeup at Context, or this article at Selectism, if you’re looking for some confimation). It’s also hand made in NY, and available in a slew of colors. The Plum Violet, Black, and Kyoto Violet (aka: purple) varieties are personal favorites.

The folks at The Hill-Side have also had the common decency to make sure the scarf is big enough that you can actually wrap it around a bit, too. It’s nearly 6 feet long, and measures 21″ across. So you’ll definitely be able to protect your neck.

A few more looks, at the Black and Kyoto Violet iterations:

In Black (white weft threads give it that texture)

Here’s the Kyoto Plum version

A close-up of the chambray and the redline selvage. You can really see the character of the fabric here

And one final shot: The Hill-Side logo. Just because I dig it

The Hill-Side Selvage Chambray Scarf will run you $80. Which is not bad at all, considering the quality of the fabric, the fact that it’s hand made in the US, and the simple truth that you’re really not going to find anything else like it out there.

You can click on over to Context, Blackbird, or Detour to pick one up. Take a look around at the ties, pocket squares, and bandanas, too.


(Images courtesy of Por Homme and Blackbird)

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