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Imogene + Willie’s online shop launched this past weekend, to much well-deserved fanfare. It’s really no surprise that the digital extension of Matt and Carrie Eddmenson’s brick and mortar store is stocked with an impressive selection of the duo’s in-house clothing line.

It’s also no surprise that the photos on offer do an exquisite job of capturing the laid back, utilitarian feel of the merchandise itself. No surprise, but well appreciated nonetheless.







(Images courtesy of Imogene + Willie)


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Billy Reid’s “Moto Jacket.” Really more of a cropped leather pea coat, but awesome nonetheless…

While at (capsule) NY, I got a chance to stop by the Billy Reid booth for a bit and check out the SS 2011 preview.

To give a bit of background: Billy Reid’s aesthetic has a sort of Southern Gentile via downtown New York vibe to it. Certainly steeped in tradition, but with a modern and ever-so-slightly gritty feel. Not dirty, mind you. Just not overly prim and proper.

It’s actually the second time around for Billy Reid (the first iteration ran 1998-2002), but things are looking good for this run. Reid was named GQ’s menswear designer of the year for 2010, and the label is pretty well poised to go massive right now. Judging from the stuff I saw at (capsule) NY, the buzz is well-deserved.

I must admit that I was completely, embarrassingly sidetracked by one piece: the leather “Moto Jacket” (really a cropped pea coat but no worries). While I did eventually manage to break away from it and take a look around at the other stuff being shown, consider this the leather-jacket-obsessed take on Billy Reid SS 2011, rather than the full story.

Alright. Enough yammering:

The leather on this was genuinely incredible. Heavy and sturdy, but still remarkably supple. Buttery? I’m none too fond of that descriptor. But. Yeah, kinda…

From the back…

Dual zip & button closure, and a gray chambray lining…

Very cool interior labels…

Another look at the front with the collar up…

And down…

As I said, I did move on to a few other pieces eventually:

I have a real weakness for tweedy gray blazers…

Digging the neck and button detailing on this pullover…

A chambray workshirt with some intense chest pocket action happening…

And reinforced elbows…

A few more pieces from the line…

So yeah, it’s by no means whatsoever a full showing of Billy Reid’s SS 2011 line. Just one leather jacket that I got a wee bit obsessive over, and a few of the other things that caught my eye. The (highly) truncated version, if you will.

There were also a bunch of shoes and other sartorial goodies being shown. Take a look over at Alex Grant‘s post on the same subject for more.


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The Survival Shirt from Apolis Activism is a pretty great option if you’re looking for a slim chambray shirt that breaks away from the (relative) glut of blue/red/gray options out there.

Done in olive green 4 oz. Japanese chambray and finished with contrasting corozo buttons, it’s based on a vintage military silhouette. Which explains the epaulets and the heavy dose of pockets. Specifically, you’ve got 2 large ones on the chest, 1 hidden guy on the left front, and 1 flapped & buttoned mini “travel” pocket that hits at the bottom of the rib cage. I tend to think that 4 is a lot of pockets for a shirt, but it looks great here, so you won’t catch me complaining.

The Survival Shirt also features a button under collar, a single box pleat at the center back, and a locker loop (ostensibly to hang dry, but does anyone actually do that?).

It’s hand made in NJ at a 60 year old custom shirting factory, which is pretty cool.

More shots:

If you’re a size L, you’re in luck. It’ll run you $198 and you can get it direct from Apolis Activism.

If you’re anything other than a large (like me), it’s sold out pretty much everywhere and you’re SOL. Sorry, guys.

Still, it’s nice to look at.


(Images courtesy of Apolis Activism)

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I’ve been thinking a lot about shirts recently. Mostly because I could use a new one. I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull it off, as I tend to slink fearfully away from bold colors when outfitting myself, but I love the idea of a red chambray shirt.  I’m probably going to try though, and I know there are some readers out there who don’t share my anxieties and can immediately pull the trigger on this sort of purchase. With all of us in mind, then, I present three solid options:

1) Epaulet EP’s Red Chambray Shirt. It’s not even on the shelves yet (expect it in 4-5 weeks), but these preview shots sold me. Not sure on the price, either, but based on Epaulet’s other shirting options, something around $130 is probably a good bet.

The flapped chest pockets, pearlized buttons, and hickory stripe detailing on the collar and cuffs are all spot on.  It’s also the boldest of the bunch, as the red isn’t washed out at all:

2. J. Crew Sun-Faded Selvage Utility Shirt. Distressingly sold out online, I’m hoping I might be lucky enough to score one of these guys from a brick & mortar location. The cheapest of this batch at $98. According to J. Crew, it’s a mix of “Japanses selvedge cotton…and supersoft fine linen.” To be honest, I’m not sure I believe them (how can you mix a selvage cotton with a non-selvage linen? Selvage is not a type of cotton, it refers to the whole piece of fabric and the weaving technique!).

Possible dishonesty about the material aside: The thing looks very nice, isn’t prohibitively expensive, and has some nice detailing like a neck tab and camp pockets (if flaps aren’t your jam). The color is great, too. Washed out, but not too much.

3) Sunny Sports Chambray Work Shirt. The most expensive of the bunch at $255, but with unique detailing that sets it apart from the crowd. Asymmetrically sized chest pockets, hidden button down collar, and selvage on the underside of the collar and the side gussets all come together to make a very unique piece. Same faded red as the J. Crew shirt. Made in Japan.

Whether or not the detailing and the Japanese provenance justify the price tag, I’ll leave up to you. But if it’s up your alley, it’s available at C.H.C.M (the original link takes you there).

There you have it! Red chambray for all!


(Images courtesy of Epaulet, J. Crew, and CHCM. Many thanks to Junctioned for getting this stuck in my brain with a post from 3/19)

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I was out in the city last night, and my neck was freaking freezing for most of the time. I’d opted not to wear my usual go-to scarf, a cashmere blend, because it’s just a bit too warm for the full on wool treatment. And as it turns out, I didn’t really have anything lighter weight and better suited to early spring.  Which is why I want to get myself one of these, and why you should consider it as well: The Hill-Side Selvage Chambray Scarf.

Here it is in Plum Violet (aka: red)

The details on this guy? It’s 5 oz. selvage chambray, one wash, and 100% cotton. The chambray is sourced from Kojima, Japan, and everyone pretty much seems to agree that it’s the best you can get your hands on (check the writeup at Context, or this article at Selectism, if you’re looking for some confimation). It’s also hand made in NY, and available in a slew of colors. The Plum Violet, Black, and Kyoto Violet (aka: purple) varieties are personal favorites.

The folks at The Hill-Side have also had the common decency to make sure the scarf is big enough that you can actually wrap it around a bit, too. It’s nearly 6 feet long, and measures 21″ across. So you’ll definitely be able to protect your neck.

A few more looks, at the Black and Kyoto Violet iterations:

In Black (white weft threads give it that texture)

Here’s the Kyoto Plum version

A close-up of the chambray and the redline selvage. You can really see the character of the fabric here

And one final shot: The Hill-Side logo. Just because I dig it

The Hill-Side Selvage Chambray Scarf will run you $80. Which is not bad at all, considering the quality of the fabric, the fact that it’s hand made in the US, and the simple truth that you’re really not going to find anything else like it out there.

You can click on over to Context, Blackbird, or Detour to pick one up. Take a look around at the ties, pocket squares, and bandanas, too.


(Images courtesy of Por Homme and Blackbird)

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