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Graham Withers offers a great line of slim ties that are handmade in NYC by the two-man team of Paul Hanan and Dave Roma. The ties are are a labor of love–clocking in at around 3 hours of production on each–and available in a variety of colors, prints, and fabrics.

I had the pleasure of meeting Paul and Dave at Mister Market a little while back and can safely say that they are awesome people and well-deserving of your support. But that’s just a bonus, because the product really speaks for itself here. The ties are slim without going too skinny, the prints and colors are clever and subtle, and the fabrics felt fantastic (I believe they’ve currently got cotton, wool, and silk on offer).

My personal favorites of the line are the gray tweed and the tan/red/black plaid. And the gingham and seersucker options are both handsome and very seasonally appropriate.

If you’re in the market for some adornment for your neck and chestal region, I’d recommend checking them out.

More shots:

The ties all run $82. You can get one for yourself by emailing info@grahamwithersclothing.com or stopping by Brooklyn Denim Company to pick one up in person. The online shop will be up this week, too, so be on the lookout.


(Images courtesy of Graham Withers)


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Brooklyn Denim Company, from the back wall, looking towards the front door. That’s partner Frank in the gray shirt

Confession: I’ve been a denim head even longer than I’ve been obsessive about leathers. But, like I said in the inaugural post, I started Black and Tanned because I felt there was a conversation missing out in the intertubes about leathers. That’s pretty clearly not the case for denim (quick example: check the fantastic Denim Debate). And regardless of the length of the obsession, I’m probably more insane over leathers.

That said, I still flipped right the fuck out when I saw this post over at Racked NY announcing the arrival of Brooklyn Denim Company.

So yesterday I popped on over to North 3rd and Wythe in Williamsburg with the ladyfriend to check it out. And I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty great spot.

I spoke with Frank and Evan, two of the partners behind the project, who were friendly as hell and definitely really excited about what they’ve put together with the store.  I also spent some time with Janna (I’m sorry if I’m butchering the spelling!) who took me through some really fantastic pieces from Subconscious Leathers, among other things.

The whole “holy crap they’re doing this in recession” angle has been covered already, so I’ll only touch on it briefly. Basically, as I was talking with Frank, we hit a couple main points:

  • Starting up when things are rough means a stronger angle for the store when dealing with vendors, real estate folk/landlords, and all those other people stores have to deal with. A plus.
  • Starting in a recession also means that the retail giants aren’t flooding the market with their own messaging, so the little guy doesn’t have to shout as loudly to be heard. Another plus.

OK, back to my own experience of the place.  It’s pretty big, it’s bright, and it’s nicely decorated.  It’s very well stocked with some wonderful brands, they have on-site tailoring services and they have a small bar (!) comprised of beer, tequila, and mezcal.

Honestly, you should check it out.

But to give you a better idea in the meantime (and put an end to this huge block o’ text): A narrated photographic tour of Brooklyn Denim Company.

The main jacket stash. Schott Cafe Racers and Perfectos for leather. Schott Duffel Coats and Spiewak duffels (and others) for wool

Another stash of leathers. The Johnson Motors Jacket is a collaboration with Vanson

This one is a gem. OK, it’s a washed leather Schott Perfecto One Star (613) that was made for the Japanese market. The key things you can’t get here: the washed leather (only naked cowhide for the US market), and the high armholes (designed for an…ahem…trimmer population). I’m pretty sure that Brooklyn Denim Co. is the only spot you can get these beauties, so move quick!

Oh yeah. That’s fiery skulls for the lining print. Not 100% my cup of tea, but definitely a kick and certainly not a dealbreaker

An anonymous shopper checking out the ladies’ denim selection

So right around here is where Evan offered me a beer and a shot of mezcal. Who was I to refuse!? It was my first taste of mescal, and honestly, it was amazing. Smokey and smooth, with  a Brooklyn Lager back (and really, could any other beer be more appropriate for Brooklyn Denim Company?)

A snakeskin (python?) wallet from Subconscious Leathers. Handmade and ridiculously well crafted

Another Subconscious Leathers piece: the wallet “chain.” The last time I considered attaching anything to my wallet was middle school, but I want this. Click here to see it in action on designer Hirotake Sakai himself

One last Subconscious Leathers piece (and it’s actually fo’ the shorties). Women’s belt with some great hardware and embossing details

They’ve got a huge stash of Levi’s Vintage Clothing in the store. The back wall of the men’s department has all the 501’s arranged by model year

And to compliment the actual jeans, this canvas-bound 501 history book is sitting at the front of the store

Did I mention that there was an impromptu live performance as I was wondering around the store shooting pictures and drinking mezcal? NO? Well there was, and it was great. I didn’t catch the name of the performer, unfortunately (shame on me)

Tellason jeans in stock! These are a really cool piece of denim: Cone Mills White Oak selvage, limited run, Tanner Goods leather patch. Evan was wearing a pair and they looked great. A nice modern fit

There were a number of bags by Will by Bill Adler around the store. Here’s the rucksack

The messenger

And the tote

If you’re looking for some freaking delicious mezcal, try Sombra. I’ll admit, this picture was partly for my own benefit. I was on mezcal number two, and I wanted to be sure I remembered the name

There’s a giant chandelier lighting the whole affair. Looks pretty cool against the more industrial feel of the exposed ceiling. Gotta keep it classy (and well lit)

So there you have it. A totally-not-exhaustive photo tour of Brooklyn Denim Company. There’s also a vintage section and a full women’s section. But this should give you a solid idea of what it’s like.  And after the mid-afternoon boozin’ and photographin’ and so on, I was seriously hankering for a taco. So I bid my adieus and headed back out into the world to go get some eats.

All in all, the people were friendly and open, the store was well stocked, and the shoppers seemed to really enjoy their time in there (overheard: “Hey is this like a bar? Can I have a beer, too. AWESOME!”).

Big ol’ stamp of approval from Black and Tanned. Now go check it out and give a new store some love.


PS – As I was listing the stats on the Tellason jeans, I realized that these EPs jeans offered by Epaulet have a similar list of attributes (Cone Mills White Oak selvage, modern fit, and limited run). So if you’re in Carroll Gardens instead of Williamsburg, check that out. Better yet, check out both!

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