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Maybe everyone has known about this and I’m just late to the game. But I didn’t know, and it was exciting as hell to me.

SO! For for anyone that isn’t aware–or just as a reminder–you can score a few really nice pairs of Tricker’s on Sierra Trading Post of all places. They’ve got three shoe styles (a shortwing, a cap toe, and a saddle) and one pair of shortwing brogue boots. Every single one of ’em is a damn fine sight.

The shortwings–complete with a Dainite sole–in Coffee. Also available in Nut Brown and Black…

Cap toes in Black Calf. Also available in Beechnut Antique Calf…

Saddles. This is the sole colorway for these puppies. Good thing it’s a good one…

And the boots. Also with a Dainite sole (like the shortwing shoe)…

Prices are marked down to $385 for the shoes and $399 for the boots, but if you use the coupon code SHOPSOCIAL1 (good until the 24th) you can knock another 30% off that. Works out to $269.50 for the shoes and $279.30 for the boots. That’s an insane deal for a pair of top-notch, handmade British shoes.

I’m getting a seriously itchy trigger finger myself, honestly. But instead of hoarding the knowledge (and footwear) for myself, I’m putting the word out.

Don’t say I never did nothin’ for you.


(Images courtesy of Sierra Trading Post)

**UPDATE/Ed’s Note**

I was seriously considering picking up a pair of these for myself, so I’ve been doing some research on sizing. Apparently most Tricker’s from the country collection run large and wide. A 9.5 would equate to a 10E or a 10.5D in US sizing. In comparison to the Alden Barrie last (which  I own, so I found this helpful) it’s a half size large. So a 9.5 in Tricker’s equates to a 10D on the Barrie. I’m guessing that the saddle and the brogues (both the shoe and the boot) would accord with this sizing, but that’s just my estimation.

On the dress collection (which I believe the cap toes would fall into), the sizing is less generous–probably a half size as opposed to a full size difference vs. US sizing. A 9.5 in Tricker’s dress would equate to a 9.5E or a 10D in US sizing, or a 9.5D on the Alden Barrie.

Again: all of this is gleaned from internet research. Can’t vouch for it personally, but I figured I’d do my best to save folks some time if they’re looking to pull the trigger on a pair. If you have any personal experience or advice, I implore you to share it in the comments.


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Grenson‘s SS 2011 showing at (capsule) NY was a good chunk of the core collection with some new offerings tossed in as well. The standouts? Lots of brogues (standbys), a few electric red soles (new), and blue suede shortwings (not sure actually).

Basic takeaway? I’m insane for brogues, and they’ve got some great ones. Fuck yeah.


I’m a sucker for brogue boots…

And the low top variety…

And the slimmed down take on the former…

A nice take on the desert boot…

Blue suede shortwings. Fuck. Yes.

Ok, so. Yes. I was completely geeking out on the brogues…

Like I said…

Eventually, I got off the brogue kick…

Captoes. Dig it…

A solid showing, indeed. I might need those blue suede guys (shoes or boots) in my life.


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The Jackson Boot

The Archie Brogue

Grenson is absolutely on point with both of these models, albeit for somewhat different reasons.

The Jackson first caught my eye because it has a great overall shape to it. But it really got its hooks in me because it offers a slightly playful twist on a military boot by tweaking the materials just a bit. The heel and toe are done in clean, full-grain calf leather, while the body and shaft are distressed leather. The result is an all leather boot, but with the combination of shine and matte that you usually only see in a canvas and leather pairing. Crafty! It’s nothing huge, of course, but the devil is in the details and that’s well evidenced here.

The Archie, on the other hand, is worthy of note because it is just so solidly classic. It’s all the things that I look for in a brogue rolled into one shoe. Nicely rounded toe? Check. Suitably hefty, rather than unnecessarily clunky? Yep. Brogueing that’s aggressive enough to stand out but not so intense that it looks clownish? Indeed. The rich brown of the leather certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

Some more looks at both:

Bonus: they’re both on sale and available online from Stel’s in Boston. Get the Jackson for $245 (marked down from $350), and get the Archie for $231 (marked down from $330). Remember all you stateside kids, it’s UK sizing, so purchase accordingly.


(Images courtesy of Stel’s)

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Today, we’ve got another offering from the venerable Frances May online shop: The Rachel Comey Men’s Jenks Brogue Boot. That warm beige color is called “Toast,” which is one of the few color names I’ve come across that I like, seeing as there are so many egregious example out there (e.g., “Peacock,” “Heather Eucalyptus,” “Light Maritime,” etc).

The six eye height isn’t overwhelmingly tall, so it’s nicely suited to everyday wear. And the leather seems to be more on the “buttery soft, lightweight, and flexible” side of things than the “built like iron” side, which means that you’re probably not going to overheat or destroy your feet while breaking them in. Good for spring!

And another bonus point for the warm, wet months ahead: The leather sole has a rubber layer on the bottom, making them relatively rain-friendly. At least for minor showers.

Some other details: Made in Peru; hand done brogueing; leather pull-tab at the back; contrasting dark brown laces; and an eye hook lacing system for the top three eyelets.

And of course there’s the fact that the Jenks is a very handsome boot. That’s kind of a key detail.

A few more looks:

Currently available at Frances May, and it’s gonna run you $365. Not exactly cheap, but it’s certainly better than the $400 Opening Ceremony was charging when they still had ’em in stock. And besides, they look so good.


(Images courtesy of Frances May)

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Since most of us need something on our feet day to day, I’m going to be looking at boots and shoes from time to time here. And we’ve got a damn fine specimen with which to start that trend: Grenson x Tenue de Nimes brogue boots.

Personally, I decided to take a look at these because I have a feeling that a substantial brogue boot like this would look great paired with a sturdy black leather jacket like the Victim x Vanson piece I looked at last week.

A large dose of credit for my awareness of these beauties goes to Selectism (per usual) but also to ACL, for tuning me into Tenue de Nimes in general with this post.

Since I didn’t have any clue initially, I’ll give  a brief backstory: Tenue de Nimes is a shop in Amsterdam. It’s been around since 2008, and you should really click through to that ACL post to get the full story, because Michael covers everything very well.

The shop’s main focus is denim. And what goes well with some nice, crisp denim? Equally nice boots! So here we have the logical conclusion of a smart shop pairing with a fantastic brand like Grenson to produce some handsome, well-crafted boots. The style is based on Grenson’s Fred model. I’m not sure exactly how they tweaked it, but I know that the blue-toned sole (which fucking blows me away) is custom.

Enough words: On to the pictures!

There’s that blue-toned sole. Also: love Tenue de Nimes graphic logo.

Perfectly shaped toe box. Much harder to find than it should be, but well executed here.

Pretty easy to see the care put into the construction with a shot like this. And there’s that logo again.

If you weren’t sold before, this should drive it home: these are damn fine boots.

Can’t find any info on price, but I’d imagine Tenue de Nimes would be more than happy to help you out with procuring a pair of these for yourself.

Thus ends my first jaunt into looking at footwear. Couldn’t have asked for a better subject to start with.


(Images by Joachim Baan at Anothercompany via Tenue de Nimes, Selectism, ACL and Style Salvage)

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