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This is a great option for anyone who’s looking for a ring belt. Or, really, just a good belt in general.

I haven’t had hands-on experience with the belts themselves, but I have dealt with the webbing before. It serves as the straps on my Archival tote bag (an Xmas gift from my lovely lady), and let me tell you: This stuff is no joke. It’s British military-spec, and it’s tough as nails. Luckily, despite its general fortitude, it’s not uncomfortable to deal with—the hand is great, and it’s actually quite pliable. It also softens up with use, but doesn’t lose its general feeling of “don’t fuck with me” sturdiness. Not bad.

Top it off with solid brass rings, a Horween leather tab, a versatile 1″ width, and Archival Clothing’s signature bar-tack (in either red or tan), and you’ve got yourself a damn fine specimen.

I’m going to pick up the tan and the navy—both with the red bar-tack—once the navy comes back in stock in my size (Medium). That will hopefully be around mid-July, according to the fine folks at Archival.

If you’re interested in securing something now, though, just head over to Archival’s online shop (unless you’re looking for the navy/red or the tan/tan version in Medium).

Oh, and did I mention these are all made in the States (Springfield, Oregon), and cost a mere $24 a pop? No? Well…they are, and they do.

Get on it.


(Images courtesy of Archival Clothing)


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There’s really no shortage of decent belt options out there, but I figure an inexpensive offering that’s hand-made in the USA is worth some attention nonetheless.

Brackney belts are made in Pennsylvania (the state where I grew up) from leather that’s both cut and vegetable-dyed by hand. Featuring a sturdy, removable brass buckle and a substantial 1.5″ width, they’re a great option to pair with denim or casual bottoms in general. And with a pricetag of only $35, they’re a genuine steal.


Now I’m not saying you’re getting something that’s directly comparable to higher ticket items when it comes to the actual raw materials. The feel of leather itself is nowhere near that of the bridle leathers you’ll find on something from Billykirk or Tanner or anyone of that ilk. It’s definitely thick (6mm on my own black version), and it’s very durable, but it isn’t all buttery soft and beautifully oiled.

That said: it still has a pretty pleasant feel, and it’s worlds above the stiff, plastic-y crap you’d get from a lot of the shops at any given mall. Plus the buckle, construction, and finishing are all pretty bang on.

Oh, and remember: freaking $35!


Brooklyn’s Alter stocks them, and their latest refresh a little while back brought in full size runs in brown, black, and green (for the more adventurous). Take note, “full size run” in this instance means 26-34, because they’re unisex. And though I’d think that the sheer heft of these belts would make ’em a tough sell for the ladies, consistent sales would suggest I’m off the mark on that front. Either way, rest assured: they’re perfectly well suited to those of us of the XY persuasion.

Alter doesn’t have an online shop, but you can pick something up for yourself by emailing the shop at info[at]alterbrookyln[dot]com or calling 718-349-0203.


(Images courtesy of Alter)

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