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There’s really no shortage of decent belt options out there, but I figure an inexpensive offering that’s hand-made in the USA is worth some attention nonetheless.

Brackney belts are made in Pennsylvania (the state where I grew up) from leather that’s both cut and vegetable-dyed by hand. Featuring a sturdy, removable brass buckle and a substantial 1.5″ width, they’re a great option to pair with denim or casual bottoms in general. And with a pricetag of only $35, they’re a genuine steal.


Now I’m not saying you’re getting something that’s directly comparable to higher ticket items when it comes to the actual raw materials. The feel of leather itself is nowhere near that of the bridle leathers you’ll find on something from Billykirk or Tanner or anyone of that ilk. It’s definitely thick (6mm on my own black version), and it’s very durable, but it isn’t all buttery soft and beautifully oiled.

That said: it still has a pretty pleasant feel, and it’s worlds above the stiff, plastic-y crap you’d get from a lot of the shops at any given mall. Plus the buckle, construction, and finishing are all pretty bang on.

Oh, and remember: freaking $35!


Brooklyn’s Alter stocks them, and their latest refresh a little while back brought in full size runs in brown, black, and green (for the more adventurous). Take note, “full size run” in this instance means 26-34, because they’re unisex. And though I’d think that the sheer heft of these belts would make ’em a tough sell for the ladies, consistent sales would suggest I’m off the mark on that front. Either way, rest assured: they’re perfectly well suited to those of us of the XY persuasion.

Alter doesn’t have an online shop, but you can pick something up for yourself by emailing the shop at info[at]alterbrookyln[dot]com or calling 718-349-0203.


(Images courtesy of Alter)


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Remember that Maxx & Unicorn bifold wallet from this post a while back? Well I finally scored one for myself at Mister Market this past weekend in Williamsburg (the one in Brooklyn, not Virginia). I’ve been needing a new wallet for ages, so it’s definitely a welcome addition to my life.

It was actually a gift (early birthday present), which was bonus number one. Bonus number two was personal customization, done by hand and in person by the Maxx & Unicorn crew.

In terms of custom details, I didn’t break too much from the standard.  I went for the 3 stamps you can see on the stock version I posted before, just because I genuinely like ’em. “Maxx & Unicorn” and “Handmade / Brooklyn, NY” are stamped into the right interior edges, and a small pair of crossed pistols are on the front bottom corner.

The two things I did change were minor, but they’re also what made it pretty much spot-on-perfect for my tastes:

  1. I opted for a toned-down look, and didn’t go for the gold foil option.
  2. I got myself a three letter monogram (JDE) on the left interior edge.

Some more shots of my new wallet…

All told, only $60 to the gift-purchaser and $0 to me. I’m pretty sure the price was a special discount for the Mister Market crowd.

A happy (early) birthday indeed!


Ed’s Note: In speaking with them, I got word that the whole Woolrich ripoff debacle lead to a settlement for the Maxx & Unicorn folks. It’s still a massive shame that a large company jacked a smaller outfits design like that, but it’s nice to hear that some form of remuneration found its way to the OG team.

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Gingham is (obviously) a staple for summer, and it’s definitely a welcome bonus that there’s a pretty robust variety of colors out there to choose from when you feel like rocking the check.

Crate has a very solid set of options for you, all for only $78. Black, blue, purple, and red are all available from Penelope’s. I know that Alter also stocks the blue option, as well as a navy/yellow option that’s just fantastic (and of which I cannot find an acceptably representative photo. Sorry).

Take a look at what’s on offer:





If you decide you want to pick one up for yourself, just keep in mind that Crate runs very small (pretty much a full size), so you’ll want to size up.


(Images courtesy of Penelope’s)

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Just restocked at Alter, Shades of Greige has a couple of very nice summery suits on offer. One seersucker, and one navy. Both very slim and shrunken all around.  They’re definitely not true formal wear, but a great option if you just want to rock a suit for your own amusement.

Some more ocular confection:

At $280 for the whole getup (Blazer is $180, pants $90), you’re also not gonna break the bank on either of these. Certainly a plus.

Call (718-349-0203) or email (info [at] alterbrooklyn [dot] com) to get one for yourself. This is the last restock, so don’t sleep.


(Images courtesy of Alter)

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A little leather goods fun for you this Friday morning.

Greenpoint’s Alter just restocked on this simple, functional bifold wallet from local label Maxx & Unicorn.  Handmade in Brooklyn, it’s got one large bill compartment and two smaller card slots. Stamped in gold with the name of the label and a declaration of its provenance (aka “Brooklyn, NY”) on the interior, and a small pair of crossed pistols on the outside.

Available in either brown or black. I’m personally digging the brown, but both versions are pretty solid.

Not sure what leather it is exactly, but from the grain, I’m thinking it could be goatskin? Just a guess, though.

Some more shots:

It’ll run you $85. Swing by Alter’s men’s shop on 109 Franklin Street in Greenpoint to pick one up. If you’re not in NYC, you can call the shop at 718-349-0203 and they’ll ship one out to you via UPS.


(Images courtesy of Alter)

Ed’s Note: This wallet IS indeed almost the same design as the Woolrich one I posted a while ago. Seems that Woolrich may have ripped off Maxx & Unicorn’s idea. Tut, tut.

Alter confirms the suspicions here in the comments section.

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