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The way I see it, a silk knit tie is downright essential. Not in the same sense as food, shelter, or decent bourbon, of course. But in that it’s one of the easiest ways to elevate a casual tailored look without veering too far into dressed-up territory? Yep. Essential.

And if it’s about three inches wide — allowing for an appropriately hefty knot with a healthy dimple below it — well, all the better. Which is why I was damn pleased to hear that The Knottery was coming out with a line of ’em when the news dropped a while back. Ditto that sentiment when Jay let me know he was going to be sending a few my way if I’d like. (Obviously, I was quick with a “yes” on that.)

I got one in brown, one in navy, and one in burgundy, and I’ve been working them into the rotation recently. After a bit of a road test, I’m happy to report that my initial excitement was well-founded. These things are bang-on. In fact, even at twice their modest $25 price, they’d be a steal. The fabric is nice and substantial, the construction is solid, and, like I said, the proportions are pretty much ideal in my book. Oh, and they’ve got about a fuckton (ed’s note: that’s a real measurement) of colors on offer — from blaze orange to blogger blue to my more muted hues. So whatever your inclination, they’ve probably got what you’re looking for.

Head over to The Knottery to take a look at the full collection of ties and myriad other goodies for the style-inclined, and check out the rest of the photos below.


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Alright first off: I’m back. At least, I’m trying. The day job, she’s been keeping me real busy as of late. So that’s that. Moving on…

I recently got an email from a gentleman named Derek Shaw from Waskerd inquiring about whether I might want to get my mitts on one of his handcrafted card cases in exchange for posting up my thoughts on it for all the Interweb to see. I’m normally a wallet guy, but he caught me at a good time. Thoughts of paring down the back pocket arsenal had already been kicking around my head, and I was looking to try something new. So I took him up on the offer, and ordered up a Studio 2-pocket card case in a rich, rusty hue dubbed “Hereford Red.”

I’ve been using it for a little more than a month, and have been holding off on posting until I put it through a little abuse. Well, abuse it’s taken, and I can honestly say this thing’s a great pickup. The leather is soft but sturdy, the design minimal but functional, and it feels like it’s going to last for ages. There’s a whole range of options available over at the Waskerd site, ranging from the slim to the don’t-fuck-with-me style hefty. He’s even got one, the Broadsheet, designed specifically for use with a topcoat.  I’d recommend any, though with the note that if you opt for the seriously beefy ones, you should be ready for a sincerely thick hunk of leather in your pocket.

Oh, and did I mention that when dude says handcrafted, he means done entirely with hand tools and without the use of electricity? Sounds exhausting, but still pretty awesome.

If you’re at all like me, you’ve put off almost all of your holiday shopping until now. And I’m just puttin’ it out there, but this’d probably make a good present. Derek offers custom branded monograms, too, so you can get all personalized with it.

Many thanks to Derek, and hopefully it’ll be a whole lot less than seven months before my next post.


Waskerd urban tour photos by me.

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One more round of eye candy for this Sunday evening. This time, it’s from Tanner Goods.

I’m currently on the hunt for a new belt, hence the leather goods blowout this weekend. Tanner’s selection is damn solid. I’m leaning towards the Standard Belt in Natural/Nickel, but it might be the Double Tongue in the same color combo. Both are done in 11 oz. English bridle leather. Like all Tanner’s belt, the edges of the leather are hand burnished and waxed, and it’s all put together in Portland.

Standard Belt – Natural/Nickel

Double Tongue Belt – Natural/Nickel

The 13 oz. version is essentially the standard, but in heavier leather. Tanner’s “Golden” leather is pretty much their Natural leather, but it’s been pre-conditioned with oils.

13 oz. Belt – Golden/Nickel

Of course, the “Havana” variation is damn handsome as well.

Standard Belt- Havana/Nickel

Double Tongue Belt – Havana Nickel

Click on over to the online store to pick one up for yourself. The Standard will run you $74, the Double Tongue is $82, and the 13 oz. is $88.


(Images courtesy of Tanner Goods)

Ed’s Note: I owe one awesome reader, Stuart, a post on Aero Leather Clothing that was supposed to come today. I’m still knee deep in research, and I want to make sure it’s a good one, so it’s going to be later (either tomorrow or Tuesday). Sorry, Stuart!

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Some more eye candy for today. This time, it’s a few selections from Wisconsin’s Kenton Sorenson. He hand crafts a line of leather goods, and they’re damn good looking.

Many of the pieces are done in natural leather, so they darken to a rich golden brown over time. In a few shots, you can see the before/after to get a better idea of how the leather will develop as it ages.

On to the photos!

Click on over to Context to see more of his offerings and pick something up for yourself. The belt holes are all hand punched to your size when you order, which is pretty cool.


(Images courtesy of Context, which you can probably tell from the watermarks on a couple of ’em)

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