If you follow me on Twitter or Tumblr, you already know that I’ve been on something of a blazer kick recently. And if not? Well, I’ve been on something of a blazer kick recently. And it’s still going.

This guy from Wings + Horns looks like a pretty fantastic option for spring/summer. Linen is one of the best fabrics you can rock when the mercury starts creeping into the upper register, and the minimal structure of the piece means less fabric, less bulk, and more breeze. For me, comfort is king in in the warmer months (I’m a miserable fuck when I’m overheated), so the components and construction here are absolutely crucial.

The styling is on point, too. I’m digging the welted, slanted chest pockets and the eight-button cuff. Neither are particularly functional, and both veer clear off the “classic” track, but in what’s shaping up to be the season of “All-Italian-Everything,” it’s a good way to set oneself off a little bit.

And yes: It’s pretty short. But I don’t advocate going anywhere near formal with this, so it’s not a problem in my book. Top it off with a darker khaki hue that’s as well suited to a rugged vibe as it is to a tailored one, and you’re good to go.

Available now at Need Supply for $390. Not cheap, but considering the type of piece and the maker, I was actually a little surprised the price tag didn’t come in even higher.

A steal? I’ll leave that to you. But if you want it, best move quick. These things never last long before folks scoop ’em up for their own (possibly nefarious?) purposes.


(Images courtesy of Need Supply)


I’m Not Dead…

…just woefully behind on updating. Apologies to all my readers. I’ll have something up real soon. In the meantime, hit up the Tumblr and the Twitter feeds.


A new batch of Quoddy just hit at Trés Bien. There’s ten styles on offer, and these four are my favorites of the bunch.

The standout? Gotta be that Maliseet oxford in brown Chromexcel with a crepe sole. Sure, it’s a little intense. But damn it looks good.

I’m also seriously digging the suede blucher options—especially that navy version with the brick sole. How you gonna argue with blue suede shoes?

Finding it hard to argue with cognac suede shoes, too. Now that I think about it.

And even though it’s a bit more understated than the other picks I’ve got here, the beefroll penny loafer in brown Chromexcel is a very well executed take on the style. The gum sole is a great touch.

So, yeah. Basically, I like these shoes.

It’s Trés Bien, so you know people are gonna move in quick and scoop stuff up. Get moving if any of these strike your fancy, and hit up the Quoddy brand section to see the full lineup of styles.


(Images courtesy of Trés Bien)

Portland’s Bridge & Burn recently released their S/S 11 collection, and amongst a very solid range of outerwear options, there’s a whole slew of mid-weight jackets in olive and khaki.

Considering I’m pretty well obsessed with both shades this spring, I view this as a very welcome development. Any one of the picks here would be a great addition to the wardrobe for the next few months (for me, or for you—take your pick).

The prices are worthy of note, as well. Everything here is between $145 and $175. Not bad at all.

Well played to the line’s designer and good friend of the blog, Erik Prowell. Another great collection.

Click on through to Bridge & Burn’s online shop to pick something up for yourself. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the new line of shirting (lots of summer plaids), as well as the fantastic lineup of goods for the ladies.


(Images courtesy of Bridge & Burn)

Barena – Canvas Bag

This bag—from Italian company Barena—is absolutely killer.

Perfectly simple, made in Italy from heavy canvas, lined in tartan twill, and complete with brass hardware and a removable shoulder strap.

No muss. No fuss. Just a great everyday carryall.

It’s $150 at Très Bien Shop (minus 20% for non-EU customers). With shipping to the States, it works out to $144 total.

Not bad at all.


(Images courtesy of Très Bien Shop)

Some Looks for Spring

James had me in stitches for pretty much the entire shoot. This is, far and away, my favorite picture from the evening…

I recently had the chance to work James Rand on a photo shoot at his place in Brooklyn. Aside from being a great friend of mine, the man also happens to be a great photographer. Lucky for that.

It was a Sunday evening. I brought the clothing (and some beer), he brought the photo gear (and the talent), and we got to shooting some looks for spring with gear from my own collection.

The shots here are all from that evening.

(A note: the background was the only one available, and the photographer specifically requested I express his apologies for the…shall we say…boldness of the color.)

Look No. 1:

Jacket – Gant Rugger, Sweater – J. Crew, Shirt – Uniqlo, Jeans – APC, Belt – Brackney, Shoes – Bass

Look No. 2:

Jacket – Baron Wells, Shirt – Taylor Stitch, Tie – Jack Spade, Belt – Brackney, Chinos – Epaulet, Socks – Pantherella, Shoes – Alden

Look No. 3:

Jacket – Lewis Leathers for The Garbstore, Shirt – Taylor Stitch, Belt – Brackney, Jeans – Epaulet, Socks – Panterella, Shoes – Alden

Look No. 4:

Jacket – Baron Wells, Shirt – Taylor Stitch, Tie – Graham Withers, Jeans – Epaulet, Socks – Pantherella, Shoes – Alden

And that’s that.


(Images courtesy of James S. Rand)

In the wake of the earthquake and tsunamis last week, Eric of Corter Leather created this bracelet as a way to show support for Japan—a great, simple piece set off by a hand painted red button.

It’s only $20, and 100% of the proceeds go to the Red Cross to support their efforts in Japan. Available in sizes from 6.5″ to 8.75″.

Get one at the Corter website and be sure to tell your friends and neighbors.


(Image courtesy of Corter Leather)